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Posted: 3/25/2011 - 10 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: National Climate

What's happened and is still happening in Japan is tragic. We're looking at perhaps 20,000 dead and missing from the Tsunami itself, and then the untold long term illnesses and deaths to be attributed to the radiation eminating from the destroyed nuclear reactors at Fukushima.

These two events have created for the people of Japan a "refugee shock". There are now millions of people who have to seriously consider moving away from their town and homes to avoid being in close proximity to the radioactive fallout. This radiation is of special concern to children and pregnant mothers becuae so many of their fast growing cells are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of radiation.

My hope is that I can find a computer developer who is fluent in both Japanese and English to take the code here from Amerisafe and adapt it to the Japanese language. If anyone reading this blog knows of a Japanese programmer who would be willing to volunteer his/her services please have him/her contact me. I am based in Chicago, USA, and preferably I would like to work with a developer in the city, or at least based in the United States.

Along these lines, I also contacted the Information Office at the Japanese Consulate/Embassy in Chicago. I was told that my introductory email was being distributed throughout the office. I hope they get back to me, but I can understand why they wouldn't because I'm sure they are very busy, and new ideas and tools often sidelined when an organization (or individual) is under stress. However, if anyone reading this has influence over the Japanese Consulate, please also feel free to have them contact me.

A final thought: Our civilization is like a finely designed Swiss wristwatch. Every little gear and cog fills an essential role to the proper functioning of the timepiece, and if one little part is broken or out of alignment, the entire watch stops. Society is fragile. Human beings are fragile. But if we all can come together and make emergency plans, then we're designing safety and elasticity into the system. It will keep us from shattering.

Thank You,

Rich Seng

Founder of


Posted: 11/15/2010 - 10 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: National Climate


Hey XXX,

Again, great talking today. I know I made some bold claims about a sinister agenda in motion that is directed from an echelon above visible government. There are many examples I could point to, but I don't want to overwhelm you, life is busy enough, so I'll just point out one, for now.

Below is a link to a 7 part documentary that explains the phenomenon and effects of "chemtrails". Maybe in your life you've noticed the contrails that follow behind jets high in the sky. Normally these exhaust trails dissipate, but over the last 15 years or so now often times they don't. They linger in the sky and create a light haze.

The fine particles in these clouds eventually float down to the ground, and alarmingly, soil conservation botanist-scientists have been measuring increases in the PH levels of the ground soil over the last decade. Furthermore, the parts-per-million of toxic substances (specifically, Aluminum and Barium) across the board are on the rise and are exceeding EPA/FDA safety levels.

As the documentary explains, the aluminum and barium are most likely being used in a experiment to see if humans can curtail "global warming" by aerosoling the upper atmosphere with particles that reflect sunlight back into space.

These "tests" are being conducted without thought towards the consequences to plant life, the water table, and human health. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that aluminum is a neurotoxin linked to Alzheimers and other debilitating conditions, including infertility.

Furthermore, the documentary explores the relationship and forethought of Monsanto in patenting genetically modified seeds resistant to high-levels of aluminum in the soil. This is a good business strategy because as organic seeds produce smaller yields, farmers will be incentivized to paying a premium for the aluminum-resistant seeds.

Therefore not only is Monsanto positioned to benefit from a monopoly, but the unaccounted-for shadow-forces behind this spraying has a power to introduce hunger on a selective basis. This is known as the "weaponization" of food, or the controlling of populations through hunger.

And again, like I was saying earlier today, the issue of chemtrails is just one example of a larger agenda aimed of making us dumb & distracted, infertile, and sick unto death.

And again, this is connected to a larger thought that humans are irredeemable creatures plaguing the earth's environment and that steps (both overt and covert) must be taken to reduce the world's population.

I certainly have been at cocktail parties and clinked wine glasses with all sorts of intelligentsia who hypothesize on ways to reduce the world's population. Well, they can rest assured, it's happening right now, from the top to the bottom, from the sky to the soil.

I want you to know about this because as a member of the establishment press society is counting on you guys to be a watchdog against corruption. This issue relates to our food and water, and because not everyone can afford to enjoy non-gmo and pesticide-free food through Whole Foods and other "boutique" farms, it is a social justice issue as well.

But then again, the establishment media is in on it too (just like 9-11, and every other lie you guys are forced to repeat and amplify)... not you though... I think you're pretty darn cool and seeking awareness.

But I have hope in all of this. The loss of hope is the loss of imagination, and for me that's simply an impossibility.


Posted: 10/10/2010 - 9 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: National Climate

Greetings Matthew & Friends,

Earlier today I saw Matthew's interview with Project Camelot about making plans in the event of a social collapse. I recently launched a social-networking website for "Preppers" that connects people in the countryside with people living in the cities so that in the event of a disaster the people in the densely-populated areas may have a pre-arranged and welcome place to go.

The site is called It is free to join and so far we have about 50 members. When people sign-up the give their approximate location, and then they fill out a questionnaire much like on a dating website so that people can find like-minded partners with which to buddy-up.

The site also allows users to blog, embed videos, create events and groups, and make friends with other preppers around the country.

Our mission is to create a buffer to any social shock that may come in the future. The more that people can safely move to the countryside in the event of social stress, the more likely we will hold onto our freedoms, and civilization.

Thanks you for your time, and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.


Rich Seng

Chicago, IL

Posted: 9/23/2010 - 5 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: National Climate

Greetings Friends of Amerisafe,

I don't know the extent to which a network like this may already exist, but I think alongside the idea of city-folk and country-folk networking for the sake of disaster preparation, I think it would be a good endevour to try and network organic and pesticide-free food distribution. Certainly science is a good thing in helping raise yields, but the human body is so sensitive to foreign chemicals. We can't go on forever thinking that these chemicals and the manipulated genes in food will not have some effect on the population. But aside from that, again, we need to build out alternative food distribution networks, and this, I believe, would help create those pathways of familiarity and friendship that would be key to creating a robust Amerisafe network. Thoughts? ... and Thanks, Rich

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Category: National Climate

Below is an email exchange I had with a well-known blogger in the prepper community. She is concerned that many country-folk are not inclined to show hospitality to city folk in the event of a SHTF scenario....

[Friday, Aug 20, 2010]

Hello XXX,
I am contacting you because recently I launched a social networking website called that networks people living in the cities with people in the countryside so that if ever there is a social collapse (whether from man-made or natural causes) the people in the cities will have a safe and welcome place to go.

When users sign-up they fill out a profile which then helps them find like-minded individuals. The site also uses filters and geo-mapping to help people find partnering households at adequate "safety distances" from their homes.

The site is free and entirely volunteer-based, but the main goal is to help preserve lives and our freedoms in the face of any trials that may come.

The website still needs a population of users for its features to work. This will still take a little time, but if you could, please take a minute to review the site and if you like it please review it in your blog... and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, & Best,
Rich Seng

[Her Reply]
I'm interested in how you visualize this working out in reality.  I've read too many comments on blogs and forums that indicate people in the country see city people as a horde to mow down with their rifles.  If a family shows up at a homesteaders door without food, clothing, or any resources, other than Christian charity, what's in it for the homesteader?
Your site is taking a long time to load on my computer.  Maybe you've already answered these questions there.
[My Reply]


Thanks for writing back.... and sorry about the site taking too long to load... I just spoke with my developer and he said it could be caused by a few things...for instance, because the site is using Google's free mapping API we are not a high-priority, or, Google could just be having a slowdown, or, so could my server of my host. Also, there is the chance that you haven't installed yet the highest version of Flash, which can also sometimes be a source of slow-downs. I hope though that this slow-down is just a one-off and won't be present in your future visits.

In answer to your question though about the hostilities people in the country might have for people flooding-in from the cities, well, this is EXACTLY why I made this site. It was in my prayers and flowing imagination that I thought this sort of network would help avert mistrust and conflict between city-folk and country-folk.

I mean, if we ever start turning our guns on each other we are really going to be miserable... and it would be so unnecessary too. The mission of Amerisafe is to build this network of hospitality and planning NOW so that if the you-know-what ever does hit the fan people will not panic and hence become desperate.

Another thing too... and I say this as a person living in the middle of Chicago... most of the people here are disconnected from the soil... from the land. We are here doing are own thing, and to our credit, we are contributing our part to what helps make America such a great nation. But people in the country... they are more rooted in the land... and this gives them a more natural spirituality... and more importantly... the "eyes to see." So, I guess what I'm saying is that people in the country who are making preparations have a noble calling to be sensitive to our blindness... and to extend hospitality and love...even when by most secular measures we don't deserve it. But if we can build that bridge now, while we still have time, all of us will be better off in the long run.

I hope this makes sense. And, I hope you find amerisafe newsworthy for your blog. It is pretty well-known (with a very cute illustration, btw). If you have any more thoughts or questions please let me know.

Best, & Thanks,

Posted: 8/28/2010 - 6 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: National Climate
Hello Readers,
In my efforts to populate this website I have been reaching out to some well-known bloogers in the Prepper community who might be willing to review it. I am learnning though that some Preppers are leery of people from the city. Here is one exchange that I thought I would share:
[My initial email, sent during the middle of August, 2010]
Hello XXXX,

In the spirit of preparedness, I recently launched a social networking website called that connects people living in the cities with people in the countryside so that if ever there is a social collapse (whether from man-made or natural causes) the people in the cities will have safe and welcome homes to go to.

When users sign-up they fill out a profile which then helps them find like-minded homestead partners. The site also uses search filters and geo-mapping to help people find partnering households at adequate "safety distances" from their homes.

The site is free and entirely volunteer-based, but the main goal is to help preserve lives and our freedoms in the face of any trials that may come.

The website still needs a population of users for its features to work. This will still take a little time, but if you could, please take a minute to review the site, and if you find it newsworthy, please help spread the word through your blog... also, let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks, & Best,

Rich Seng


[His Reply]

I am "XXXXX", YYYY's other half. After touring your web site Let me say that it is a good idea HOWEVER.....I foresee real problems with the concept.
#1   It seems the entire burden of food, housing, defense(If it should come to that) are on the country folk.
#2  This will be an OPSEC nightmare for the country folk ,It is human nature after securing a safe haven in the sticks to tell your friends, co workers,ALL of your relatives were this "Safe haven" is ( I lived in Seattle for 32 years and it  would be hard not to educate everyone about having     a back up plan) If your unfamiliar with OPSEC it stands for Operational security.
#3  IF a person makes it out of the city after a disaster (Which I think it would be very unlikely unless they were able to foresee the problem and get out of Dodge early. Remember the freeways after Katrina?) they would encounter other refugees and  all of them would land at your                 door
#4  All of the things listed above not withstanding if you made it out how could leave without your girl/boy friend, your aunt or grandma your buddy at work? All with out making proper arraignments. this too is human nature.
Rich we have prepared for a disaster, You cant prepare for everything but we do what we can, As Christians we have stocked up on items for charity as this is one of the important commandments for the Christian religion and it is the right thing to do even if you are an atheist. But you cant take care of 10 to 100 extra people... and now there in your yard what do you do now????? 
The idea is good and you started this venture with the best intentions however I believe there is a road paved with them somewhere.

[My Response]

Hello XXXXX,

Thank you for taking the time to check out Amerisafe. I agree with many of your concerns, on both the levels of human-nature and logistics. Allow me though to try and field some of our concerns.

#1. When people sign up they indicate how much money they would be willing to contribute to supplies. So no, the burned of paying for everything is not supposed to land solely on the country-folk. Also, the amount a city-person is willing to contribute can be a factor a rural homestead considers in deciding with whom to buddy-up.

#2. I believe that as people sign-up it will catch-on and spread via word-of-mouth. You are right in that you can't have hoards of people heading to the same homestead. Instead, the people in the cities who do make plans need to spread the word to their urban neighbors to create their own Amerisafe partnerships. Everyone needs to know (and this is pretty obvious) that people need to take responsibility for their own contingency plans.

#3. Not all disasters will be instantaneous, and the ensuing social collapse could take several days, weeks, or months. We never will know until (or if) something happens. As for Hurricane Katrina, the weathermen was forecasting its hitting New Orleans 5 days in advance. That's plenty of time for the prepared to head to their partnering homesteads.

#4. Again, you have a good point about people bringing their entire clan to a homestead. But that is the whole point of making arrangements now... and making sure everyone is accounted for. If everyone in the city had a back-up plan think of how powerful that would be. Think of how that would bring us all together in cooperation, instead of under a spirit of panic and fear, where surely then the guns would come out. We can avoid American fighting Americans if we plan smartly now. And yes, this requires an extra effort on the part of the country folk... a heroic spirit of hospitality... but let that be your opportunity to most closely pattern your life after Jesus' commandments of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and taking in the homeless. I mean, these trials that seem to be building on the horizon will be first and foremost tests of our fidelity.

I am glad you have the eyes to see. People in the city are wising up too, but many of them are disconnected from the soil and the countryside, which is your particular strength.... which is why we need you, but America is made of all of us, and we are a great nation because we have both cities and countryside. We work together now, so, let's just start building in-roads into area of disaster prep.

Thanks again for your thoughts, and please feel welcome to send me comments or ask me more questions. Please also feel welcome to voice your opinions and concerns over your blog. At the very least our discussion here may help some people connect.

Best, Rich Seng

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Category: National Climate

I just heard of this startling article on Alex Jones'

It's speculative, but it speaks of worst case scenarios of mass evacuation in the gulf states in the event of a hurricane blowing inland the toxic fumes offgassing off of the oilspill...

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Category: National Climate

I just read this interesting article about how people on the west coast are spending tens of thousands of dolllars making plans for themselves and their families in case of a major disaster... interesting too how one of the persons intrviewed stresses that he doesn't want his prepping to become a self-fulfilling prophecy...,0,3723845.story